Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Information courtesy of Paul McNamara

Athletics Ireland Regional Development Office:
Paul McNamara, 0872693675, paul@athleticsireland.ie

The Athletics Club Year
September – December: Cross country season.
January – March: Indoor track & field
March – July: Outdoor track & field
August – down time.
County, Provincial and All-Ireland competitions in cross country, indoor and outdoor

Forming a club Figures refer to 2011 prices
10 members or more, 4 of whom must be over 21 years.
Approval from County Board
Affiliate to Athletics Ireland: €150 per club per year
Register athletes: On-line registration, €10 for juveniles, €15 for adults

Club Start-up Pack
• Cost of affiliation for first year
• Three free places on Athletic Leader course (normal price €60 per person)
• Free Little Athletics Equipment Pack valued approx €900
• Three free places on Assistant Coach course (normal price €60 per person)
• Free Assistant Coach Equipment Pack valued approx €1000
• Full assistance from Regional Development Officer

Coach Education Programme
• Athletic Leader - One day course for parents of young children between the ages of 5-10yrs. The athletics leader will introduce children to athletics through fun based activities with the aim of developing agility, balance and coordination.

• Assistant Coaches Course - One day course introducing the fundamentals of track & field athletics focusing on long jump, shot putt and running events

• Level 1 - Four day course for those currently coaching athletics in a club or school environment. Addresses all track & field events with a significant theory portion.

Athletics Ireland supported programmes
• Little Athletics – Games based athletic activities for children aged 5-10 aimed at promoting agility, balance and co-ordination.
• Fit4Life - Meet and train session for adult recreational walkers, joggers and runners

Sections in an athletic club
• Little Athletics – Fun and games for 5-10 year olds
• Level 1 – Children aged 11+
• Level 2 – Track and field athletics for 15 years and up.
• Fit4Life – Adult meet and train group for beginners
• Adult road running section

AAI website first steps

Athletics Association of Ireland have a website with a section for those interested in setting up a club.

They also have a sample club constitution

Approval is needed from the County Committee of the AAI before the club can affiliate.

Maree Athletics Club

Welcome to the internet site of Maree Athletics.

We are on blogger as well as facebook because not everyone is or wants to be a member of facebook.

I will publish everything here so it can be accessed by all interested parties.
Right now our plan is to hold a meeting next March 14th at 9.30pm in the Community Centre to set up an Athletics Club for the Maree Area.
We thought it would be helpful if we published as much relevant stuff as we could on the net so people could read it and make their own suggestions on the night. Nothing is set in stone, name , club colours , make up of committee if any .
But a lot of work has been done by other clubs in making structures and constitutions that work and maybe we'd save ourself some time and energy going over well worked ground by just adopting for example the sample constitution.